Infographic for Resolution Project (Nonprofit)
GO Therapeutics Logo and Business Cards Website
Eat to Beat Cancer: Seasonal Food Infographics
GO Therapeutics Website and Branding
World Congress on Angiogenesis
Novaseek Research Website
AMD Patient Information Brochure
Patient Brochure: Diabetic Macular Edema
Patient Brochure for Colorectal Cancer
Worlds Collide Conference Program Book
Artwork and MOA design for pharmaceutical company
Science of AMD
Tumor Angiogenesis Infographic - Colorectal Cancer
Scientific Publications
Concept Art for World Economic Forum Presentation
CVS Pharmacy Prezi pitch for XVIVO
Prezi for QUEST
Prezi for Mass General Hospital
Digital Disruption Prezi for Interim CEO of AMEX
TEDMED 2010 Presentation for Danny Hillis
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