Artwork and MOA design for pharmaceutical company
Placental Growth Factor Educational Brochure
Signal Recognition Particle Animation
Diabetic Macular Edema Program
Science of AMD
Dicer Protein Animation
Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Information Brochure
Immunostimulants for Animals
Extended-Release Drug Delivery Device!
Ingestible Audio Sensor
Integrating nanoelectronics with cells and tissue
Cross-linked Polymer Mesh
Clinical Data and Biospecimens Sourcing Platform
Vector-Borne Diseases
Lecture Notes
Microbial Fuel Cell Animation
IRES (Internal Ribosome-Entry Sites)
Surfactant (Hydrophobic) Molecules in Water
Data Fidelity in Scientific Animation
Scientific Publications
Molecular Motor Animation
Tumor Angiogenesis Infographic - Colorectal Cancer
I Am Angiogenesis
AMD Awareness Animation
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